We will setup the marvellous stag party
in a strip club of Tallinn

(+372) 56 99-22-55

only 99 for the unforgettable striptease show

you will tell your grandson about

if you are the real man!

Sign up right now, and use your chance!

it is much better to hold your stag party in the club

"Hi there! My name is Anna, and I am your personal event manager. I am here to take all the trouble to myself and create the unforgettable stag party for you. Believe me, it will be better than Vegas ;) If you decided to invite Virgins dancers to your place, just call me so I can help you to choose the best ones. But you know, it is much better for you to host your bachelor party in irgins club. You won't need to take care of anything else, all you need for awesome party is here already. We have steam, lazer show, Hi-End music equipment, luxurious and comfortable interiors, frest and tasty meals, elite alcohol and uniqie cocktails in our bar. And of course, we are proud of our magnificent strip performers. At the moment, you only need to leave your phone number, and I will reserve the best place for you and your friends. You will get the show you could never dream of. I promise, you will be delighted!"


In here, everything depends on

* Entry tickets for guests required, if the party starts after 9 p.m.

Place of your bachelor party!

56 99-22-55, Tallinn, Tartu maantee 29

In Virgins club, we host no more than one

exclusive stag party a day

I guarantee 100% well done show

Virgins club is my pride! We do our best to make our guests feel happy. Just in case if you are not happy with anything, I will personally solve any problem you might meet. I strictly control the highest service quality, and I guarantee that my girls will try hard to please you. Enjoy!

Artem, Virgins Club owner

Bachelor Party with Virgins club is:

  • 1 unforgettable night
  • 3 special private rooms
  • Sauna available for up to 6 people
  • 7 fantastic shows
  • 8 hours of show program
  • 15 fabulous ladies for your choice
  • 21 meals for foodies
  • 69 cocktail listed in the bar
  • 100% satisfaction with our exotic massage
  • 111 items in our Crazy Menu
  • Well-experienced hosts of 117 terrific events
  • 24/7 personal event manager support
  • 0 euros for taxi back home
  • And just 99 euros for each awesome show!

Our stag parties are so cool that
the marriage might be cancelled!

Summary of bachelor parties in Virgins Club

  • 17

    without a trace



    happy men

  • 2


I will help you to pick the very best Virgins girls

"Hi, your personal event manager is here again ;) I understand that it is very difficult to organise the final bachelor night before wedding. Also, you might not even have time to do it. That is why I am glad to be in service. Especially for you, I will create the scenario for your magical night which will definetly inspire even a very experienced man! Call me! I promise, your night will be made with highest services and entertainment. You will only need to come along and enjoy the unique athmosphere of celebration."

Would you like to invite our beautiful dancers to your place?

Our girls will be happy to visit

*Taxi cost cover required if you order the show to your place

For the most demanding guests,
we have the special CRAZY MENU

    Something special
  • Singing performance by a strip dancer
  • Smoke the hookah with a dancer you like
  • Private dance with your music
  • Bridal dance: girls slowly remove their bridal dresses while dancing
    Make it hot
  • Pretty lady is eating banana in front of your legs
  • Card game, bet the clothes
  • Yours for Hour: make her free from work so she can stay with you only
  • Kiss the beautiful Domina's shoe
    Cross the border
  • 'Salted nipples' tequila shot
  • Two girls fighting in fruit jelly (*available in club only)
  • Bad Boy: two Valkyries handcuff and gently punish you
  • Royal Private Dance: you are surrounded by THREE naked beauties!

'Provide yourself with a special gift'

"Hi, it's your personal event manager Anna again! As you see, we can create a terrific stag party, impluing all your sweet fantasies! Starting from observing wet bathers pleasing themselves in shower, and up to charming Dominatrix's punishment for bad boys. I guarantee that you will never regret for having such an awesome bachelor party in Virgins club! Leave your phone number here ASAP, and I will call you back and answer all your questions. I look forward to catch you, yours... Anna!"

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